Making Changes to Become a Healthy Family

healthy family

It can be difficult making changes towards a healthy lifestyle on our own. Including the entire family, on the other hand, can help everyone work together to stay motivated and make these long-term changes. Encouraging kids from an early age to make healthier food choices and stay active will also help set up the foundation of their lifestyles as adults. Making these changes can help become a healthy family and maintain a healthy weight, which will also help promote healthier and longer lives. Here are some ways to help motivate you and your family towards a healthy lifestyle:

  1. Act as a role model to implement these changes as a family. Parents play an extremely important role model for their kids so showing them that you are also eating and doing the same activities as them may make them excited to follow in your footsteps.
  2. Find recipes for the entire family to enjoy. Play around with a variety of foods and cuisines from different cultures. Observe what foods your children like and if possible, try to get them involved in the kitchen with either preparation or the actual cooking process. 
  3. Have healthy snacks available in the house. Instead of stocking up only chips and cookies, having fruits, vegetables, nuts, or even yogurt already prepared and easily accessible may make your family reach out for those instead of searching for junk food snacks in the house. 
  4. Enjoy meals as a family. This can be a great way to talk about and see what foods everybody enjoys and it is also a great opportunity for some family-bonding time.
  5. Get moving together. Setting up 20-30 minutes of your day to get your body moving and heart rate up can build a healthy heart and body. It can even help with your mental health! Going out for walks, bike rides, a game of badminton, or even dancing at home are great ways to get moving. Try out new activities to see what the family enjoys doing. 

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