Fertility Nutrition Consulting

Radically Rooted Nutrition was built to empower clients to live their best life.

Trying to conceive can be a daunting journey. 

Whether you’re planning for your first child or adding to your growing family, you want to do anything and everything you can to ensure a healthy fertility journey & pregnancy. This may have seemed simple enough before— eat well, exercise, drink water— but once you start thinking about conceiving, you can find there’s a lot more to it than you thought…

Preconception Nutrition

Our approach is integrative and functional, whether you are trying to conceive naturally or through IVF as an individual or couple. We recognize the significant role nutrition plays in reproductive health and fertility and empower you to make positive and informed choices that increase your chances of successfully conceiving.

Pregnancy Nutrition

We offer a specialized approach for pregnant women, providing personalized guidance and support to optimize nutrition intake for a healthy pregnancy and baby. Our goal is to ensure the well-being of both you and the developing baby through evidence-based dietary recommendations tailored to the unique needs of your pregnancy.

Postnatal & Infant Nutrition

Our main objective after you give birth is to assist you in replenishing your nutritional stores, aid in postpartum recovery, and address the distinct dietary needs that come with breastfeeding and caring for a newborn. We strive to equip new mothers with the knowledge and resources to prioritize their well-being during this critical phase.

When you’re faced with an avalanche of information, with everyone telling you to do something different. It can feel overwhelming and confusing. You are investing your time, mental energy and money. We are here to make it all worth wild and make sure that you get the outcome that you invest in.

 After working with thousands of people, we know that every fertility story is unique – but with expert advice and tailored support, it is possible to enhance fertility health and achieve your family goals.

Fertility Nutrition Services

We Provide Customized Fertility Nutrition Plans that Work

Side note: Getting older is not the end all be all for your fertility. If you improve your egg quality as you age, you can preserve much of your fertility to still be able to get pregnant, naturally, quickly and easily.

Diet Assessments & Meal Plans

Diet assessments and meal plans involve a comprehensive evaluation of an individual or couple's dietary habits and the creation of tailored meal plans to optimize reproductive health, enhance fertility and improve pregnancy outcomes.

1:1 Fertility Consultations

We evaluate various aspects of the individual or couple's current dietary habits, considering factors such as past medical history, nutrient intake, food preferences, lifestyle, and any existing health conditions. This assessment helps identify areas that may impact fertility, such as nutrient deficiencies, hormonal imbalances, or dietary patterns that may need modification.

Fertility Supplement Plans

RRN will offer personalized recommendation of dietary supplements to address specific nutritional needs and support reproductive health in order to enhance fertility success rates. We take a evidence based approach that aims to complement a balanced diet with targeted supplements known for their positive impact on fertility.


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