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Focusing on Fertility & Weight Loss at Radically Rooted

We're a 100% virtual practice, we help as many families and individuals as possible achieve their dreams of growing their families and living healthier lives.


Scientifically-backed evidence forms the foundation of our strategy. For us, evidence matters!


We are a compassionate community— that understands the ebbs and flows of the struggle.


There is nothing like someone motivating you towards where you see your best life. We stand by you holding you accountable to make changes that will impact your entire life.

Our Sole Mission is Supporting You Achieve Yours

Radically Rooted Nutrition Marinna Lotardo

Marinna Lotardo

Founder & CEO

Hello, I'm Marinna

For many years I had my own struggles with food. I went from being completely obsessed with what I was eating and restricting myself from any food that was considered 'unhealthy' to binging and overindulging in the foods I genuinely missed. As I got older I started to realize how common this was in women and I needed to find a permanent solution that could help. 

Motivated by a desire to make a more profound impact on the lives of others, I decided to establish Radically Rooted Nutrition. 

After helping hundreds of women lose weight and feel their best, we started to draw the connection between weight loss/dietary changes and fertility. Many clients not only lost weight and became healthier overall but they also started to see a difference in their menstruation cycles and hormones. 

I am fueled by the success stories of my clients, witnessing the positive transformations that occur when individuals take charge of their health.


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