The First Appointment with a Dietitian

Is it just me or is every first appointment with a healthcare professional anxiety inducing? It is the fear of judgement, criticism or even fear of news that you don’t want to hear. This is totally normal. 


Our goal is to make the first appointment with a dietitian at Radically Rooted Nutrition something to look forward to, the first step to your best self.

We want to make sure that we listen to and hear your concerns, we provide the solutions that will WORK and provide you with recommendations that meet you exactly where you are. 


It can be helpful to know what to expect before the first appointment with a dietitian. This will hopefully put you at ease and make you feel more relaxed. It will make you feel more confident about this big step and emotional/financial investment. 


At Radically Rooted Nutrition, our first session is typically 60 minutes.  This can seem like a long time but there is a lot to cover as we get to know each other. We want to make sure we cover it all! 


As fertility experts, we may ask different questions than a dietitian in a different focus area. It can be quite detailed. 


The first appointment with a dietitian includes what we call a ‘nutrition assessment’. The nutrition assessment is usually standard practice.  Radically Rooted dietitians use this time to establish trust and gather relevant information about you. As we learn more about you, we will be able to establish appropriate recommendations and plans.


Some examples of information we cover:

  • Home/Work Lifestyle
  • Who does the majority of cooking and food shopping
  • What led you to meet with a dietitian
  • Latest blood work and a review of your results
  • Past relationship with food
  • Significant weight changes throughout your life
  • Medical history review
  • Family history such as obesity, undernutrition, celiac disease, thyroid disorders, infertility, premature menopause, diabetes, PCOS, endometriosis, etc.
  • Current medications and supplement regimen
  • Usual appetite and bowel movements
  • Energy and stress levels
  • Sleep patterns
  • Daily exercise and activity
  • Menstruation cycle, flow, duration, pain, regularity
  • And more

You can say we really get to know each-other during these 60 minutes!!


Measurements are optional depending on your goals…


Now that we got majority of the information that we need, it is time for the fun stuff- setting some goals. No matter how small or large your goals are, we will work with you to make them realistic and attainable using the nutrition assessment information. 


We stand by the SMART goal method- specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and within a certain time frame Michigan State University, 2014. This will help you and us to track your progress and hold each other accountable. We are on your team.


Minor recommendations will be discussed towards the end of the first appointment with a dietitian. The complete care plan will be created and shared during the next follow-up session. 


 So how do we come up with these recommendations? We come up with these recommendations based off the information from your nutrition assessment, your goals, and your key priorities when it comes to your health. From there, we use our expertise to come up with an evidence based plan that is unique to you.


There may be many more questions here and there, but this is really the part where we can collaborate and become a team to make sure you are set up for success. 


When we discuss these recommendations we will explain each detail of them and the science behind why they are strategies that work for your specific body or condition. 


Along with recommendations we will also identify any barriers that may be blocking you from reaching your goals. 


The first session is all about getting to know each-other and building a trusting relationship. Using this information, we come up with a plan that is suitable and realistic for you. 


But where do the results happen?

The second appointment with a  Radically Rooted dietitian is where you start to understand what is working and what is not. We go over your customized nutrition care plan and daily practices we can start implementating to see a change in our health. 


We reflect on any changes that were made from the previous session and hold each-other accountable. (Remember, we are a team). 

  • What worked well?
  • What didn’t work well?
  • What can we adjust to make it more attainable?

The process of reflection and refinement is what is driving change forward. 

Did I mention that we have some fun along the way?

I promise wether you are a women, a man or a couple, we will make your first session less like a doctors appointment and more like a collaboration. Our goal is to make our clients feel comfortable and confident in themselves through us.

Interested in making your first appointment but still unsure? Request a 15 min discover call to get a feel for us before you are committed. We always love connecting with new faces! Book an appointment with a dietitian today!

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